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New Darth Vader Focus
Ford Focus RS 03 WRC is the first complete revamp of the original Focus rally car and first Ford designed by Christian Loriaux from scratch. Compared to earlier models, 03 car looks radically different and very aggressive. Speed of the car has been already proven in the stages, easily marking it fastest car of 2003 season though not having reliability to match.

Aerodynamics and weight distribution are two most important aspects of the new car. Rally cars have begun to approach racing cars in terms of aerodynamic design, larger wings and more aerodynamic body panels making appearance. In terms of weight, even the old car was down to minimum of 1230 kg but still weight savings were made. This was to reinforce certain parts and, more importantly, to achieve better weight distribution.

New Cosworth-built Duratec 'R' -engine is lighter than any previous unit and yet providing more top end power. Cooling has been changed too, with two huge fans blowing over horizontally placed radiator. Front suspension remains much the same but rear suspension has changed a lot, even so that Ford wants to keep advances made a secret.

Debut WRC event: New Zealand 2003
Best WRC result: 1st by Markko Martin in Acropolis 2003
 1st by Markko Martin in Finland 2003
 1st by Markko Martin in Mexico 2004
Rallies contested: 15  (works entries)
WRC starts: 30  (works entries)
Outright wins: 3  (wins to rallies ratio 20.0%)
Podiums: 10  (podiums to starts ratio 33.3%)
DNF's: 10  (DNF's to starts ratio 33.3 %)
Points scored: 101  (manufacturer championship points)
Avg points per rally: 6.7  
Technical data
Group and class World Rally Car
Location: Front transverse
Turbo: Yes
Cylinders: 4 in line
Valves: 16
Bore x stroke: 84.8 x 88.0 mm
Cubic capacity: 1998 cc
Power: 300 hp
Torque: 550 Nm
Compression ratio: 9.0:1
Length: 4442 mm
Width: 1770 mm
Height: 1420 mm
Wheelbase: 2615 mm
Front track: 1550 mm
Rear track: 1550 mm
Weight: 1230 kg
Drive: 4WD
Gearbox: Longitudinal
Gears: 6
Sequential: Yes
focus wrc
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Francois Duval, New Zealand 2003 Click picture to see larger version in a pop-up window