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Help for quiz two

Yes, the drivers might be hard to recognise from the picture as only co-driver is in focus, rest of the pictures is blurred.

There are some clues, though. The most important one is the fact that there are four drivers champions in the pictures which implies that pairs in question are one of the famous ones. Another point which makes this exercise easier is the fact that some drivers could easily be in two pictures, but once recognised in one photo eliminates options from other pictures. One final general hint: all pictures except the last one are pictures of wins.

First one could easily be one out of three. I don't think there is much doubt which team is in question but the problem lies in the fact that they have used this particular car with three drivers who all were champions. Hint: the co-driver in picture has navigated for two of them.

Perhaps the easiest one is the second. If you know your rally cars, it is easy to spot that the car in question is a legend and colour scheme matches only that of used in one particular season. From then on it is child's play.

Third can be more than one driver but really only one out of two. But this is tied to number one, get that and this becomes easier. If you need more hints, the event in question is held on a holiday island.

Fourth is quite blurred but car is easy to recognise. And after car is known, question turns into elimination. Again, there are not many champions who have driven with this car and if answer to third pair is already known, this becomes simple affair.

Last one might be tricky because pair is not as well known as the others. Board behind the crew might give one hint, there are not many events where this pair have finished as high as fourth. Car is not very visible and it would be a good hint, but if you need another one, the overalls of the crew might reveal the team.