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Tommi Makinen
Four drivers titles, 24 wins, four consecutive Monte Carlo wins. Tommi either holds or has broken most of the records in WRC. No stranger to any surface, he was able to win on gravel, tarmac and snow. Tommi is one of the only two drivers able to conquer Safari rally on his first attempt.

At one point Tommi's attack ratio (ratio of wins to starts) was over one out of five.

The only dent in Tommi's armour is that practically all of his success was with Mitsubishi. Whether this means that much of his performance owes to technically superior car or to a team so closely knit around him is open to debate.
Juha Kankkunen
Mastering both Group B supercars and tamer Group A rallying, Juha is known for his consistency and car developing skills. Despite no longer holding the record of most wins, he still is the first driver ever to win Safari in first attempt.

Juha's four titles are with three different manufacturers and during his long career, Juha has driven for most major teams of his time. He has had many co-drivers, even winning last title while being navigated by no less than three different co-drivers.

Juha has only one major flaw, his distaste of tarmac. Four titles and impressive number of wins testify about massive talent on gravel but lack of tarmac wins stains his otherwise pristine record.