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David Richards
Merits of the man known in rally circles simply as DR are major but to date only half of his story has taken place. As with Todt, just being co-driver is not grounds for inclusion, even if that was with the only privateer champion in history.

After co-driving came times in business and team management. Success of Prodrive has been phenomenal but even that has lacked the revolutionary elements that Ove introduced with TTE or Todt achieved with Peugeot. Without the last part, David might not be in Hall of Fame.

And that last part is purchase of ISC and transformation of World Rally Championship. Because that process is still taking place, because it is unusual to include active members of rallying community to Hall of Fame and because some say that the transformation is not all for the better, I refrain from further praise.
Ove Andersson
Where to begin with this versatile giant of rallying? Not only did he create one of the biggest and most succesful rally teams ever, the TTE, but he also was instrumental for bringing japanese manufacturers into rallying.

The credit for that is not solely his but gradual introduction of Toyota, founding of the Toyota Team Europe and especially transformation of TTE into a force to be reckoned with even outside African events are extraordinary merits.

But story does not stop there, he was also a distinguished driver. Sadly, large part of Ove's achievements behind the wheel are beyond scope of this site, having taken place before 1973.
Jean Todt
Inclusion of Jean is somewhat controversial. Having been a co-driver to many of the first line drivers in 1970's is good achievement but in itself, not a merit enough. The needed addition took place in 1980's.

With Peugeot deep in financial troubles, rallying was chosen as a means of salvation. Todt was given two and half years to do what seemed impossible, create a complete rally team and car capable of winning. What came to be was beyond wildest dreams of anyone.

Peugeot 205T16 was an almost instant winner and it has been said to have rescued Peugeot from bankruptcy. What has happened since at Ferrari certainly does not detract from Jean's merits though it is another discipline of motor sports.
Cesare Fiorio
It is quite difficult to say how much of the success of Lancia, the most succesful make in rallying, has been down to Cesare. But it is no exaggeration to say that he is embodiment of Lancia's rallying effort.

Curiously enough, the man who ran first Lancia's and later all of FIAT Group sporting efforts for over two decades was named after Caesar himself. From humble beginnings, Fiorio in due course became emperor of a sort.