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Christian Loriaux
Engineer, Prodrive (1991-2002)
Chief engineer, M-Sport (2002-2021)
Senior Technical Adviser, Hyundai Motorsport (2021-)

As a designer of two phenomenally fast rally cars, the Subaru Impreza WRC2000 and Ford Focus WRC03, Christian is one of the leading engineers today. Christian's roots go back to his native Belgium where he was bit by a rally bug in his teens. Christian was interested in of driving but soon realised that becoming a professional driver would be hard if not impossible. Instead he decided to study engineering and aim for engineer's post in a rally team.

Loriaux worked for RAS Sport, without pay, while studying in university at Belgium. Team was based on Charlevoix, his hometown and offered an opportunity to see how rally team worked. Soon afterwards Christian moved to England in order to get Master's degree in automotive engineering. Part of his plan was to be in UK where majority of european motorsport teams were based.

Ambitiously, Christian approached Prodrive and applied for a job, aged only 22 at that time. For a fresh university graduate with little experience it was tall order to get the job, bearing in mind that Prodrive was small outfit at that time and hardly afforded to go wrong in recruiting. Fairy tale thing happened and Loriaux became 55th Prodrive employee.

Being young and with little experience, Christian could hardly have chosen a better place. In Prodrive he got to do lots of different things, not just rallying but also circuit racing. As he gained experience, Loriaux also got more and more responsibility, becoming chief rally engineer in 1998 and culminating to full design of Impreza WRC2000.

After eleven years at Prodrive, Loriaux decided to pack and moved to Ford for 2002. There he gets full recognition for design of Focus WRC03, unlike at Prodrive where David Lapworth natural gets most of the credit for all technical work performed under him. For rally team members, especially key people like engineers, it is always somewhat difficult decision to go work for a rival team but in Christian's case it surely was the right decision.

Christian Loriaux
Nationality: Belgium
Birthday: 28-Oct-1966