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Rule changes for 2014
CalendarAcropolis is dropped and replaced with Poland.
Non-event activity
Manufacturer nomination requirementManufacturers will no longer be required to nominate one permanent driver for the season. Instead, manufacturers will be obliged to nominate one driver for a minimum of 10 Championship events.
Start orderQualifying is scrapped and starting order is reversed back to system used from 2002 to 2007. On first day, starting order is per championship order. On subsequent days, starting order is reversed rally classification. This rule applies to Priority 1 and 2 drivers.
Rally formatRallies return to a fixed format after few years of freedom and variance. There will be a ceremonial start on Thursday, with the last stage run on Sunday at approximately 12:00 hrs for European events. The final stage is defined as the Power Stage, the length of which will be set at a minimum of 10 kilometres.
Category recognition stickerAll competitors registered in the Championships – WRC, WRC 2, WRC 3 and Junior WRC - will be obliged to use a colour-coded windscreen sticker to identify the category in which they are competing.
Stage distance ratioAs a general rule, organisers of WRC events must ensure a minimum of 25% competitive special stage distance in relation to the overall distance of the event.
Classes renamedCar classes are renamed, A0 becames RC1 and so on.
Homologation changesIn order to extend the life of World Rally Cars, manufacturers will be permitted to re-homologate 2011, 2012 and 2013 cars without any modification, except one single chassis and engine joker for 2014. In order to facilitate the replacement of S2000 Rally cars with Group R5, S2000 regulations will not be continued after 2013 and will be replaced by new R5 homologation regulations.