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Almost total dominance
Would the absence of supercars kill the sport? Would there be public interest to cars which were labeled as mere shopping carts? Before the season the scepticism prevailed but as time passed it became apparent that rallying was doing well, despite Lancia's domination.

Since Turin team was the only one with ready and competitive car, it was no surprise that in no time at all they wrapped up the championship title. It was not just the car but Lancia also had best selection of drivers, ranging from 1986 champion Kankkunen to long-time Abarth employee Alen and promising young Italian, Biasion.

Hence the challenge for the drivers' crown came from within the Lancia team and despite winning less events than his two principal team mates, Kankkunen became the first driver ever to successfully defend his title. Having arrived from Peugeot, young Finn didn't feel at home in politically charged atmosphere of Lancia and soon signed a contract to return to Toyota for 1988.

For a first time since 1973 championship consisted of 13 events. In fact, there were meant to be that many events already in 1986 but annulled San Remo dropped the count by one. But more important change was the absence of Group B supercars.

New cars
After demise of Group B there were multitude of new cars arriving simply because manufacturers had to come up with something legal. Audi hastily pressed oversized 200 quattro to service, Toyota replaced Celica with Supra and Nissan 240RS with 200SX. Ford introduced not just one but two Sierras, the four-wheel drive non-turbo XR4x4 and turbocharged but only rear-wheel driven RS Cosworth. The only successful car came from BMW as Prodrive-prepared M3 won Tour de Corse.

The New Car of the Year was of course the Lancia Delta HF 4WD which was the only car ready and competitive at the beginning of the season. Despite bearing same name than the now-banned Group B Delta S4, HF was different car entirely.

Juha Kankkunen
1987 FIA World Rally Champion, Juha Kankkunen
Drivers scoring their
first win
  B. Beguin (Corsica)
  F. Wittman (New Zealand)
  K. Eriksson (Ivory Coast)
first drivers' point
  E. Johansson (Sweden)
  G. Fischer (Portugal)
  C. Sainz (Corsica)
  D. Auriol (Corsica)
  L. Poggi (Corsica)
  K. Adamson (New Zealand)
  D. Officer (New Zealand)
  S. Weeber (New Zealand)
  S. Davies (New Zealand)
  K. Hazu (New Zealand)
  G. Goile (New Zealand)
  G. Raies (Argentina)
  J. Bescham (Argentina)
  P. Lemos (Argentina)
  A. Schmauk (Argentina)
  T. Palmqvist (Finland)
  T. Edling (Finland)
  T. Heinonen (Finland)
  A. Choteau (Ivory Coast)
  F. Donner (Ivory Coast)
  L. Kouame (Ivory Coast)
  J. Haider (San Remo)
  A. Fiorio (San Remo)
first stage win
  K. Eriksson (Sweden)
  C. Sainz (Portugal)
  C. Balesi (Corsica)
  D. Auriol (Corsica)
  R. Wilson (New Zealand)
  D. Officer (New Zealand)
  N. Allport (New Zealand)