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Alpine history
Alpine was small workshop in Dieppe, Northern France, led by local Renault-dealer Jean Redele. Factory, if it can be called that, designed and constructed special models based on Renaults and name Alpine derives from modified Renault 4CV which was used to win Alpine Cup in 1954.

Although Alpine was nominally independent until 1974 oil crisis toppled the company to Renault for good, Renault and Alpine were very close. Even so that Alpine received all of Renault's competition budget in 1968. For this reason Alpine is dealt in conjunction with Renault.

Alpine A110
A racing car that had a history pre-dating WRC. Extremely light, body built essentially from plastic, A110 was established winner over more powerful Porsche. Surprisingly, this fragile looking car was able to win in very diverse environments outside its chosen territory of French Alps, even in rough Morocco 1973.

Originally a two-seater sports car, A110 was rallied with great success by enthusiastic team consisting mostly of french drivers, even so that trio Gerard Larrousse - Jean-Claude Andruet - Jean-Francois Piot were nicknamed Three Musketeers. Later 'musketeers' included Bernard Darniche, Jean-Pierre Nicolas, Jean-Luc Therier, Jean Ragnotti and Ove Andersson who was the only non-french successful with the car.

A very special group of men considering that Ove Andersson created and ran Toyota Team Europe, Nicolas became Peugeot WRC team manager and Ove's co-driver Jean Todt first managed Peugeot 205T16 project and then moved to head Ferrari F1 team.

Team claimed makes title twice, including the inaugural World Championship title in 1973. Even though first WRC win and first makes championship title carved A110's name forever to history books, car was living it's final days in 1973.

Debut WRC event: Monte Carlo 1973
Best WRC result: 1st by Jean-Claude Andruet in Monte Carlo 1973
 1st by Jean-Luc Therier in Portugal 1973
 1st by Bernard Darniche in Morocco 1973
 1st by Jean-Luc Therier in Acropolis 1973
 1st by Jean-Luc Therier in San Remo 1973
 1st by Jean-Pierre Nicolas in Corsica 1973
Rallies contested: 49  (major entries)
WRC starts: 269  (major entries)
Outright wins: 6  (wins to rallies ratio 12.2%)
Podiums: 21  (podiums to starts ratio 7.8%)
DNF's: 134  (DNF's to starts ratio 49.8 %)
Points scored: 266  (manufacturer championship points)
Avg points per rally: 5.4  
Technical data
Group and class Group 4
Location: Rear longitudinal
Turbo: No
Cylinders: 4 in line
Valves: 8
Bore x stroke: 82.5 x 84.0 mm
Cubic capacity: 1796 cc
Power: 175 hp
Torque: 195 Nm
Compression ratio: 11.5:1
Length: 3845 mm
Width: 1650 mm
Height: 1130 mm
Wheelbase: 2100 mm
Weight: 730 kg
Drive: RWD
Gears: 5
Sequential: No
Alpine Logo
Alpine A110 front quarter
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Alpine A110, front quarter Click picture to see larger version in a pop-up window
Alpine A110, rear quarter
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Alpine A110 rear quarter Click picture to see larger version in a pop-up window
Technical data for 1800cc Group 4 version.