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Saab 96
Rugged and funny-looking car that required different approach to driving but could reward it's masters with a win. That's Saab 96.

Indeed, car looks somewhat exotic with it's rounded body and long nose. On a rally car aesthetics are not everything and Saab 96's rounded body was not only strong by design but also allowed it to escape rolls with less damage than opposition. Even so that sometimes car would roll over and land on it's wheels so that driver could speed away like nothing had happened.

Saab 96 was front-wheel driven car with a heavy V4 engine sitting at front, having up to 60% of it's weight over front wheels. It's legendary resistance to damage was one of it's strengths, as it did not quite have the power to match other rally cars. Also, it sported larger wheels than the opposition, giving it small advantage, though due to narrow track of the car it could often tilt to two wheels on corners. And roll over, if pushed too far.

Besides Sweden, Saab was also produced in Finland and local dealer had a strong national presence, making 1000 Lakes Rally second home for the car and it's drivers. Besides Swedish Rally, Saab also appeared often at RAC Rally with good results.

Like with many classic rally cars of early 1970s, also Saab 96 had long history behind it when FIA WRC history began in 1973 and by that time car was approaching end of it's competitive career. In a favourable conditions and if driven by a skilled driver, it could still win, as proven by two Rally Sweden wins in 1973 and 1976.

Debut WRC event: Sweden 1973
Best WRC result: 1st by Stig Blomqvist in Sweden 1973
 1st by Per Eklund in Sweden 1976
Rallies contested: 4  (works entries)
WRC starts: 9  (works entries)
Outright wins: 2  (wins to rallies ratio 50.0%)
Podiums: 8  (podiums to starts ratio 88.9%)
DNF's: 8  (DNF's to starts ratio 88.9 %)
Points scored: 133  (manufacturer championship points)
Avg points per rally: 33.3  
Technical data
Group and class Group 2
Location: Front longitudinal
Turbo: No
Cylinders: V4
Valves: 8
Bore x stroke: 93.0 x 74.0 mm
Cubic capacity: 1815 cc
Power: 170 hp
Torque: 215 Nm
Compression ratio: 11.5:1
Length: 4170 mm
Width: 1570 mm
Height: 1470 mm
Wheelbase: 2490 mm
Front track: 1220 mm
Rear track: 1220 mm
Weight: 875 kg
Drive: FWD
Gears: 4
Sequential: No
Saab 96
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Saab 96 (model year 1969) Click picture to see larger version in a pop-up window