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Subaru Impreza 555
Impreza was the car that really launched Subaru's fame. Though Legacy had been a good study, it was a bit big to really challenge the top and lacked in the last inch brutality of design.

Mechanically, Impreza had the same key components than Legacy - though some of them in improved form. All-aluminium boxer-engine on front was lighter and sat lower that what opposition fielded. Turbo intercooler was located at front (in Legacy it had been in hot space behind the engine) and turbo itself was a new unit, resulting a somewhat better engine performance. Smaller body saved a little weight (according to some sources, only 15 kg) but reduced overall dimensions made the car much nimbler. Weight distribution was improved to 55 front / 45 rear and continuously improved differentials made the car the best behaving rally car of it's era.

Subaru had told Prodrive that they needed to win first with Legacy before debuting Impreza. That win came in 1993 New Zealand and in next event at Finland, Impreza went to action, driven by two experienced Finns Markku Alen and Ari Vatanen. Alen crashed on first stage, ending his career there and then but Vatanen went on to finish second, having actually led the rally at one point. Even though Impreza seemed to be an instant hit, it was shelved in favour of Legacy and wasn't rallied again until RAC. As a result, it took almost a year before car scored it's first win in 1994 Acropolis.

Debut WRC event: Finland 1993
Best WRC result: 1st by Carlos Sainz in Acropolis 1994
 1st by Colin McRae in New Zealand 1994
 1st by Colin McRae in Great Britain 1994
 1st by Carlos Sainz in Monte Carlo 1995
 1st by Carlos Sainz in Portugal 1995
 1st by Colin McRae in New Zealand 1995
 1st by Carlos Sainz in Catalunya 1995
 1st by Colin McRae in Great Britain 1995
 1st by Colin McRae in Acropolis 1996
 1st by Colin McRae in San Remo 1996
 1st by Colin McRae in Catalunya 1996
Rallies contested: 28  (works entries)
WRC starts: 78  (works entries)
Outright wins: 11  (wins to rallies ratio 39.3%)
Podiums: 29  (podiums to starts ratio 37.2%)
DNF's: 26  (DNF's to starts ratio 33.3 %)
Points scored: 903  (manufacturer championship points)
Avg points per rally: 32.3  
Technical data
Group and class A8
Location: Front longitudinal
Turbo: Yes
Cylinders: 4 flat (boxer)
Valves: 16
Bore x stroke: 92.6 x 75.0 mm
Cubic capacity: 1994 cc
Power: 295 hp
Torque: 470 Nm
Compression ratio: 8.0:1
Length: 4340 mm
Width: 1690 mm
Height: 1390 mm
Wheelbase: 2520 mm
Front track: 1465 mm
Rear track: 1455 mm
Weight: 1200 kg
Drive: 4WD
Gearbox: Longitudinal
Gears: 6
Sequential: No
Clutch plates: 2
Subaru Impreza 555
(Click picture to see larger version in a pop-up window)
Subaru Impreza 555 sporting the famous livery (which also gave the car it's name). Click picture to see larger version in a pop-up window
(Photo: SWRT)