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Toyota Celica Turbo 4WD
Toyota's most successful rally car ever, Celica Turbo 4WD debuted with great expectations. Toyota had refined the road going base car, incorporating many lessons learned from the first car into design, especially in the cooling which had been so troublesome earlier. Car sported much bigger air intake holes in the front bumper, a proper air extraction vent on the bonnet and external port for turbo air intake. All these changes made the engine work much better.

Curiously enough, car's initial failings were in handling department. It had complex suspension geometry designed to allow great flexibility in fine tuning and adjusting the settings. Cure was searched from differentials and car began to behave better when central differential design was changed from hydraulic to viscous coupling version.

Car was quite reliable, especially if compared to it's predecessor. On the other hand, while retirements resulting from mechanical failures were fewer, drivers went off more often due to difficult handling. Having said that, car allowed Toyota and it's drivers to really challenge the Lancia's might. It brought team the much coveted manufacturers' title in both 1993 and 1994, made Carlos Sainz champion in 1992, Juha Kankkunen in 1993 and Didier Auriol in 1994.

Debut WRC event: Monte Carlo 1992
Best WRC result: 1st by Carlos Sainz in Safari 1992
 1st by Carlos Sainz in New Zealand 1992
 1st by Carlos Sainz in Catalunya 1992
 1st by Carlos Sainz in Great Britain 1992
 1st by Didier Auriol in Monte Carlo 1993
 1st by Mats Jonsson in Sweden 1993
 1st by Juha Kankkunen in Safari 1993
 1st by Juha Kankkunen in Argentina 1993
 1st by Juha Kankkunen in Finland 1993
 1st by Juha Kankkunen in Australia 1993
 1st by Juha Kankkunen in Great Britain 1993
 1st by Juha Kankkunen in Portugal 1994
 1st by Ian Duncan in Safari 1994
 1st by Didier Auriol in Corsica 1994
 1st by Didier Auriol in Argentina 1994
 1st by Didier Auriol in San Remo 1994
Rallies contested: 31  (works entries)
WRC starts: 71  (works entries)
Outright wins: 16  (wins to rallies ratio 51.6%)
Podiums: 38  (podiums to starts ratio 53.5%)
DNF's: 18  (DNF's to starts ratio 25.4 %)
Points scored: 424  (manufacturer championship points)
Avg points per rally: 13.7  
Technical data
Group and class A8
Location: Front transverse
Turbo: Yes
Cylinders: 4 in line
Valves: 4
Bore x stroke: 86.0 x 86.0 mm
Cubic capacity: 1998 cc
Power: 299 hp
Torque: 460 Nm
Compression ratio: 8.5:1
Length: 4410 mm
Width: 1745 mm
Height: 1300 mm
Wheelbase: 2545 mm
Front track: 1510 mm
Rear track: 1510 mm
Weight: 1120 kg
Drive: 4WD
Gears: 6
Sequential: No
Clutch plates: 2
Celica Turbo 4WD (ST-185)
(Click picture to see larger version in a pop-up window)
Celica Turbo 4WD (ST-185) Click picture to see larger version in a pop-up window