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Gustavo Trelles
Being four-time world champion must mean something, even if the four titles are from Group N championship and even if Trelles effectively was the only driver that drove full series. The big star from southern America is unquestionably Jorce Regalde but in 1990's it was Trelles that was most followed driver from the region.

An old story says that Gustavo was works driver starting from his first rally. Apparently local driver fell ill before a rally and team was about to withdraw the entry but decided to allow then young Gustavo to drive. He eventually finished second and was hired as Fiat works driver in Uruguay for 1975.

About ten years and seven national titles later, Gustavo ventured to Spain to further his career. Reason for choosing Spain was mainly language but he also had some friends there. His success in Spanish gravel championship was so good that eventually Lancia Spain hired Gustavo as their works driver.

Expanding programme from just national series to some international and even WRC events, it soon became apparent that without miracle there would be no chance to get works Group A car. And without one success was impossible. That is why Trelles moved to Group N in late 1980's where he has remained ever since, driving first the Lancia Integrale but later migrated to Mitsubishi Lancers.

WRC starts:93
first: Brazil 1981
latest: Argentina 2002
Resultswins:0 (0.0% of starts)
second places: 0 
third places: 1  
total podiums: 1 (1.1% of starts)
points finishes: 15  
total points scored: 74  (drivers' championship points)
DNF's: 27 (29.0% of starts)
Stage wins: 2 
Best result: 3rd (Argentina 1992)
WRC titles:winner of 1996 FIA Cup for Drivers of Production Cars
winner of 1997 FIA Cup for Drivers of Production Cars
winner of 1998 FIA Cup for Drivers of Production Cars
winner of 1999 FIA Cup for Drivers of Production Cars
First WRC event: 1981 Brazil
First DNF: 1984 Argentina
First scored point: 1981 Brazil (6th)
First stage win: 1993 Catalunya (SS10)
First time led rally: has not led
First podium: 1992 Argentina
First win: no wins
Career summary
  Team  StartsWinsPodiumsDNF'sPointsRank
 1981  Private1 0 0 0 6 36th 
 1984  Private1 0 0 1 0  -   
 1986  Private1 0 0 0 0  -   
 1988  Private4 0 0 4 0  -   
 1989  Private6 0 0 3 5 49th 
 1990  Private9 0 0 3 9 26th 
 1991  Private3 0 0 2 3 51st 
 1992  Private2 0 1 0 16 18th 
 1993  Lancia4 0 0 0 28 9th 
 1995  Private1 0 0 0 6 12th 
 1996  Private6 0 0 2 0  -   
 1997  Private9 0 0 1 1 26th 
 1998  Private11 0 0 2 0  -   
 1999  Private12 0 0 4 0  -   
 2000  Private12 0 0 2 0  -   
 2001  Private7 0 0 2 0  -   
 2002  Private4 0 0 1 0  -   
Gustavo Trelles
Nationality: Uruguay
Birthday: 15-Nov-1954

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Trelles on his way to Group N win in 1998 Rally Argentina. Click picture to see larger version in a pop-up window