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Race of Champions
After retiring from active rallying, former works rally driver Michelle Mouton organised first Race of Champions in 1988. Since then the event has been held every year, attracting ever increasing number of spectators, TV audience and contestants.

Idea of Race of Champions is to resolve age-old dilemma of who is the best driver? On real rallies, some have better cars, others are in disadvantage because of road position. Drivers have technical problems and punctures, championships to think of and so on. All in all, drivers often aren't on equal footing. But on Race of Champions they are.

Early on Race was held in various venues. First in Paris, then Nurburgring, Barcelona and Madrid until in 1992 event moved to Gran Canaria where it remained until it moved back to Paris in 2004.

RoC is dedicated to the memory of Henri Toivonen.

Event details
RoC is ladder-type event. Initially, drivers are paired and do three heats against their paired opponent with best out of three progressing to next tier. This is repeated, eliminating half of the remaining competitors each round until only two remain to contest in finals for the title of Champion of Champions.

Track configuration is familiar from Super Special Stages (SSS), a closed circuit of two parallel tracks where drivers cross over from one lane to another so that one complete lap is identical to each driver. Track is purpose-built and currently measures little less than three kilometers and surface is two-thirds of gravel and one-thirds of tarmac.

Besides the track, another major distinction from rallies are the cars. In the interest of equality, on each heat drivers are in equal machinery, using same cars. These vary from Group N Mitsubishi to Peugeot 206 WRC and even super-powerful Group B Audi Quattro S1 or Saab rallycross cars.

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Track near start/finish
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RoC track view
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