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Conventions used
Regarding the statistics, following conventions are used on this site:

Included events
Only events with full WRC status are included in statistics. Event has full WRC status if it counts towards either manufacturers title or drivers title (or both). Therefore events that were only F2 championship events (practice in use in mid-1990's) are absent from statistics. For same reason San Remo 1986 which had points subsequently removed is not included in statistics.

Because all events before 1979 counted only for manufacturers championship and because there have been events which counted only for drivers championship, number of events which have counted towards these championships does not match.

Works entry
An old and difficult problem revolves around question "what is works entry"? It is not uncommon for works drivers to enter rallies privately or semi-officially, good example being Peugeot offering their drivers chance to do rallies with Bozian Racing.
The rule used in JUWRA for determining whether entry is official or not is based on name of the entrant. If entry is made in the name of the team, entry is official and counted as works entry. In all other cases not, regardless of who is marked as entrant. This leaves out certain participations which are "known" to be works entries but unfortunately, such knowledge just is not good enough.
Also note that definition of a "team" is somewhat strict, dealer, semi-official or satellite teams do not qualify as works teams. In early years of the championship this is not such a clear-cut issue.

Starts and entries
Drivers that entered an event but never started for whatever reason are not deemed to have a start for that entry. Same applies to teams as well. This is just a clarification since non-starting does not have any practical implications, entries are not filed in statistics, only starts.

Starts and finishes
In JUWRA, DNF is used as a synonym for "non-classified" because it is better known of the two terms. In the other words, finishing is determined by whether driver is classified or not. A driver that has started an event and is subsequently excluded, during or after the event, is deemed to have started but not finished. Even if driver is excluded after finishing ceremony, which in practice means he reached the actual finish.
It's important to note that this rule applies the other way around too. Driver may have retired but if he was officially classified, he is deemed to have finished. This is rare but has happened for drivers that have retired on final leg, for example under SuperRally regulations or in Monte Carlo Rally in 1970s and 1980s.