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Max Mosley
President, FISA (1991-1993)
President, FIA (1993-2009)

Max Mosley is british aristocrat, born to family of Sir Oswald Mosley and Diana Mitford. Younger brother of two sons, Max went in school first in France and later in Germany, returning to his native Great Britain to attend a college at the end of 1950's. Initially studying physics, Max later moved from Oxford to London to study law, graduating and becoming barrister in 1964.

Max Mosley took interest in racing and even became driver in Frank Williams' F2 team in 1968. Next year he retired from driving and became co-founder in a racing car preparation company March Engineering. Company prepared F1 cars and Max gathered experience about administrative work so that when March withdrew from Formula One, he left the company and became legal advisor to FOCA (the Formula One Constructors Association) in 1977.

This started his career as an official. The so-called war between FOCA and FISA (the sporting side of the FIA) in early 1980's and subsequent Concorde Agreement were partly engineered by him. After a short break from the sport Mosley became president of the Manufacturers Commission of the FIA in 1986 and president of the FISA five years later.

Boldly, Max announced that he would resign after one year in office so that he would be judged on his merits. He was duly re-elected and went on to organise merger between FIA and FISA, becoming president of the combined giant in the process. Mosley has been re-elected in 1997, 2001 and 2005, each time for four years.

A former racing driver and lawyer, soft-spoken and articulate Max Mosley is good choice for a position he occupies. He is not loved by all and under his precidency, FIA has been in collision course with many parties, biggest being feud with European Union competition commissioner Mario Monti in 2000. A direct result of this struggle was sale of ISC to David Richards.

Mosley's final years were increasingly stormy amidst sex scandal and fierce row between FIA and Formula 1 teams. As a result, Mosley eventually decided not to run for re-election, paving way for Jean Todt's election.

Max Mosley
Max Mosley
Nationality: United Kingdom
Born: 13-Apr-1940