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Jean Todt
Team Manager, Peugeot Talbot Sport (in WRC for 1984-1986)
President, FIA (2009-2021)

Jean Todt is one of the co-drivers who've made the successful transition from competition to management. He co-drove various drivers in 1970s, starting off with Ove Andersson in 1973 Monte Carlo in Renault-Alpine A110 and won two events with Achim Warmbold in same year. He then teamed up with Hannu Mikkola for 1975 and 1976 seasons, winning 1975 Morocco. Although Mikkola used various cars during that period, most of the outings with Todt were with Peugeot.

Todt remained with Peugeot's drivers even after Mikkola left for Toyota, co-driving for Jean-Pierre Nicolas, Timo Makinen and Jean-Claude Lefebvre. It is interesting to note that all three (Todt, Nicolas and Lefebvre) were to attain various managerial positions at Peugeot in later years. Peugeot's bid for WRC glory switched to somewhat more serious programme with Talbot's Sunbeam Lotus and alongside Guy Frequelin Jean Todt came within a shout of 1981 championship title for drivers.

Move to management side came straight after final round of 1981 season. Newly formed Peugeot Talbot Sport was placed under his management with ambitious goal: to build a championship winning car in two-and-half years - to debut it by mid-1984. Todt, a graduate from School of Economics and Business in Paris, assembled a team which was tasked with this impossible goal. Unlike many other teams, Peugeot Talbot Sport intentionally chose very short development period. They also recognized what would be the winning formula and avoided pitfalls that caught out other teams (front-engined car as Citroen BX4TC or lack of turbo as in Metro 6R4 or lack of 4WD as in Lancia 037).

When time of debut draw closer, Todt compiled a list of four drivers he considered to head the attack. Markku Alen wouldn't leave Lancia, Henri Toivonen was doing his military service and it's not known why Walter Rohrl refused but this left Ari Vatanen to be selected. Interestingly, no French drivers were considered for this post, although PTS did employ several over the years.

After Peugeot withdrew from the WRC, Todt re-directed team's efforts towards rally raids with modified Peugeot 205T16 and 405T16 cars. Later, he oversaw Peugeot's involvement with Le Mans and sportscar racing before moving to lead Ferrari's F1 team in 1993.

In 2009, Jean Todt was elected president of the FIA for a four year term.

WRC starts:54
first: Monte Carlo 1973
latest: Great Britain 1981
Todt in 1985 as Peugeot Team Manager
Jean Todt
Nationality: France
Birthday: 26-Feb-1946

Todt as FIA president
Todt 30 years later as FIA President