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Records are broken
By winning Network Q RAC Rally, Juha Kankkunen became world's most successful rally driver with 20 wins and by winning the 1993 World Championship title for a record fourth time, he underlined his superiority. After his long-standing co-driver Juha Piironen collapsed with hemorrhage just before Rally Argentina went underway, Kankkunen had to find a replacement in a hurry. Nicky Grist answered the call and despite their recce was cut short, pair won.

Before the year was out, wins at Australia and RAC were added to their tally but on top of that, Kankkunen won 1000 Lakes with yet another co-driver, Denis Giraudet. No mean feat, that one. Elsewhere, double world champion Carlos Sainz had a terrible year with Jolly Club's Lancia, culminating to late disqualification from San Remo after FIA meeting in February 1994 decided that Lancia had been using illegal fuel.

Similarly, Miki Biasion seemed to collect all the troubles at Ford Motorsport while his team-mate Francois Delecour did most of the winning for the team. The other two new winners of the year were Colin McRae who made good of the promise Subaru had seen in him by winning in New Zealand and Ford privateer Franco Cunico who triumphed in San Remo Rally.

Ivory Coast rally is dropped from the calendar, not a moment too soon, and with no replacement calendar shrunk to 13 events. Other important calendar change was championship registration which meant that all rallies counted towards manufacturers championship.

New cars
Three new and in retrospect important rally cars made debut in 1993 season. First one was the biggest sensation of the year, long-awaited Ford Escort RS Cosworth. It had been under development for some years before it was launched and nearly won Monte Carlo, it's inaugural WRC event. The car changed Ford's fortunes, winning five rallies and ending five year long drought for the team.

Second new car appearead in same rally but never made a big impact. The car was Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution which in coming years would come achieve success in grand proportions but the best it managed in 1993 were two podium finishes.

The third new car first went into action in 1000 Lakes Rally and almost won the event. The car in question was Subaru Impreza 555, launching a line of rally cars which were to gain a cult icon status in coming years. Despite doing no better than Lancer results-wise (Subaru's first win was with Legacy), it clearly was more competitive car and promised much for Subaru's future.

Juha Kankkunen
(Click picture to see larger version in a pop-up window)
1993 FIA World Rally Champion, Juha Kankkunen Click picture to see larger version in a pop-up window
Drivers scoring their
first win
  F. Delecour (Portugal)
  C. McRae (New Zealand)
  G. Cunico (San Remo)
first drivers' point
  O. Burri (Monte Carlo)
  J. Serpaggi (Monte Carlo)
  K. Backlund (Sweden)
  P. Svan (Sweden)
  J. Bica (Portugal)
  M. Brighetti (Safari)
  H. Shamji (Safari)
  N. Tsadaris (Acropolis)
  J. Ceccheto (Argentina)
  M. Gronholm (Finland)
  F. Loix (San Remo)
  A. Dallavilla (San Remo)
  R. Travaglia (San Remo)
  A. Medeghini (San Remo)
  L. Climent (Catalunya)
  O. Gomez Marco (Catalunya)
  R. Burns (Great Britain)
  A. McRae (Great Britain)
first stage win
  P. Snijers (San Remo)
  G. Trelles (Catalunya)
  G. Evans (Great Britain)