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Auriol broke the record of most wins in a single season by scoring six wins in 1992. Unfortunately that was not enough for driver's title though it helped Lancia to manufacturer's crown.
Consistency did not pay off
Another Lancia stalwart, Juha Kankkunen, scored nine podium finishes during the year but only a single win. And like with Auriol, that was not enough for personal glory.
Except for Sainz
Kankkunen and Sainz both scored points in equal number of rallies and even though Juha finished more often on podium, Carlos won four times as many rallies and that gave him the ten point cushion in final standings.
Speed and points
It is interesting to note that in stage wins statistics the top three of the championship table are in reverse order. Auriol won more stages than anyone else but finished third while Sainz won title but less stages than Didier or Juha.
Fast stage
Change of venue for Rally Argentina offered some very fast stages. Even so that five stages had to be cancelled, some because they were too fast. Nevertheless, the fastest argentinian stage still left comfortably exceeded the maximum average speed of 120 kph imposed by FIA.